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 Line Bypass Policy
We normally provide line bypass to the following groups: 1) out-of-towners 2) birthdays 3) stag parties. However, we get tons of emails every month from people asking to be on the line bypass. It would be impossible for us to accommodate everyone so we've instituted a verification system.

Out-of-towners must show government issued ID with their address on it to get line bypass. By out-of-town we mean Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo etc., not Brampton or Scarborough, and NOT those visiting from overseas or elsewhere in Canada/USA who are staying with friends/family in the Toronto area. Our aim is to accommodate those who are driving long distances through unpredictable traffic to attend Besharam. The majority of the group must be from out-of-town.

Anyone celebrating a birthday must show ID with their date of birth and the birthday must fall within 5 days of Besharam. Health cards are not considered valid ID to get into the club, only Driver's Licenses, Age of Majority Cards or Passports will be accepted. The birthday boy/girl will get free admission as long as he or she can show ID with their birthdate to the cashier.

Stag parties must show a wedding invitation and the wedding must be within 1 month of Besharam. The bride/groom-to-be will get free admission.

Also, please note that all male patrons, regardless of whether they’re celebrating special occasions or traveling long distances, must be accompanied by females. Your group must consist of at least 40% women.

Sorry for being so strict about this but we want to be fair to those who are genuinely celebrating special occasions or travelling long distances to attend Besharam.

The Besharam Team

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