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 About Besharam
Amita Handa :

Besharam, has grown to be Canada's largest bollywood party with DJ Amita spinning the newest bollywood chart stoppers, retro bhangra, uk fusion and old skool hindi classics.

DJ Amita's portfolio also includes Luminato,  Winnipeg Folk Festival, Wintercity, FashionCares and recently the Geminis. She is host and producer of weekly music program Masala Mixx on CKLN 88.1 FM (Saturdays 4-6-pm),  and music columnist for Toronto Star's Desi Life Magazine.

For more on Amita, see our DJ page

Zavaré Tengra :
Zavaré is Besharam's hostess with the mostest. Zavaré was very active in the Pakistani arts and culture scene back in the 90s, His directorial debut was Doongajee House (1992). He has acted in and directed numerous comedies such as Princess Booblita and Maneck ni Masi; he produced several song and dance revues including Best of Broadway and Lighthouse Collection. Since moving to Canada, he's settled down a bit, and got a day job as a sexual health counsellor. He has also has been very active within the South Asian queer community. He started Dosti.ca, a support group for gay and bisexual desi men. Zavaré also plays the role of "Phul" the Hijra for Meri Kahani: My Story, merikahani.ca an innovative play addressing the challenges faced by South Asian survivors of abuse in a North American context. He also has been the centre of mischief and scandal at Besharam.
  Besharam Description
Besharam (bay.shar.um) is a Hindi/Urdu adjective often used in a negative way to describe someone who acts indecently, either in the way they dress, speak or behave. However, when we thought of the word Besharam, what came to our minds was not someone who acts offensively, in terms of dress or conduct, but rather a whole range of global injustices that we find offensive, such as poverty, war, environmental destruction, unequal treatment of women, racism, homophobia etc. We wanted to name our night Besharam, to appropriate the term and shift its meaning. For us, Besharam is a celebration of all who challenge restrictive social norms, and also a reminder to people of what is truly shameful in the world. We thank our friend Saniya Ansari in Mumbai for helping us come up with our name.
Besharam is a garam masala (mix of spices) of sexualities and cultures. We envision it as a space where people from a diverse range of cultures, religions, ages and preferences come together to dance, enjoy each other’s company and the music they love.
Moreover, since we believe in the law of good karma - we try to support the Alliance for South Asian AIDS Prevention (ASAAP) whenever we can.
We always pay respect to those who came before us and those who continue to thrive alongside us, such as Club Kali in London, Basement Bhangra in New York and in Toronto: Desh Pardesh, Funkasia, Queer Indian Mela, Masala Mehndi Masti, DJ Jiten, DJ Baba Khan, mybindi.com and countless other gigs, festivals and DJs that have inspired us.
In the end, our aim is to engage you in a way that's sexy and cutting-edge, hence the mixture of hot music, sensuality and a politics of creative resistance.
(DJ Amita & Zavare Tengra)
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